Doing Good Deeds: Essential to Knighthood


Doing Good Works

You can’t be a chivalric knight if you don’t help the poor and downtrodden, so philanthropy is a core mission for Chivalry Consulting. Chivalry Consulting President Diana Jacobs believes in using our good fortune to build better lives around the globe. Chivalry brings the same hands-on know-how to philanthropy that we use in business:

Direct Medical Assistance

  • Medicine shipments and solar refrigerators to rural clinics
  • Bicycle ambulances
  • Children's reconstructive surgery (CURE)

Sustainable Rural Resources

  • Brick-making machines
  • Borehole wells drilled
  • Houses for child-run families or widows


  • Vocational/skills training schools
  • Classroom additions to community schools

Solar-Powered Refrigerators for Rural Health Clinics
What happens when medicine can’t be stored at the correct temperature?
Consider a young Malawi mother, who took her infant to Mibanga Health post (Nthalire) for medical treatment. “I would travel to the clinic and wait for the whole day,” the mother explained, “only to be asked to come [back] the following month because medications were not available.” Getting the correct medicine for her child took several months, and multiple visits. So what would have happened if medicine was stored correctly at the clinic?

In Malawi’s northern Chitipa district, health posts are off the electrical grid. Due to this lack of electricity, health posts are unable to store any medication that requires refrigeration. Between the lack of electricity, rains washing out roads, and a general lack of transportation, children often miss critical medical treatment.

With solar-powered refrigerators, health posts are able to store medications correctly. This reduces the distance and time spent collecting medications.

Chivalry estimates the impact of solar refrigerators at 30,000 people per health post.