Vision, Strategy, and Doing Good Work(s)


Chivalry Charity Project

The Strategic Difference

  • Long-range planning
  • Realistic budgeting and scheduling
  • IT solutions that work
  • Business solutions from the tactical to global scale

The Human Context

  • Staff vetted through referrals and detailed background checks
  • Experienced staff who have been there, done that
  • Mission-focus, client-focus, dedication
  • Staff satisfaction leads directly to client satisfaction

The Relationship Business

  • Unique business structure: lower overhead, stronger focus
  • Chivalry’s lean system means more resources for consultants, clients
  • Referral system yields superior real-world results
  • Happier consultants, happier clients, better work

The Chivalric Code

Chivalry employs a fundamentally different business model. We start with lean administration and management, which lower costs across the board. Our streamlined management translates into benefits for clients and consultants: a smaller percentage of spend goes to overhead, more goes to the consultant. This means we can charge clients less and pay staff more. Happier consultants, happier clients, better net results.

We ensure high-quality hires through the power of referrals. After all, a resume and interview only tell you so much. Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone before bringing them on? In effect, that’s what we do. Our staff refer people, and have worked with them, and know their skillsets. So we bring on field-tested consultants with real-world skills.

Obviously, for hard-to-find skillsets, we comb through resume databases and work with recruiters. But for the majority of our hires, we rely on firsthand knowledge.

We build our client base using a similar method. Rather than devoting a large budget to sales staff and advertising, we encourage our clients to tell their colleagues about the solutions we’ve created or enabled. These referrals mean less time and expense looking for clients, which once again translates into savings for all. Everybody’s happy, everyone’s a winner.